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Financial Literacy, Financial Advice, and Stock Market Participation: Evidence From Malaysia

Hii, Ivy S.H., Ho, Poh Ling, Yap, Ching Seng, Philip, Abey P.

The borders are re-opening! Has virtual reality been a friend or a foe to the tourism industry so far?

Kim-Lim Tan, Ivy S.H. Hii, Wenqian Zhu, Choi-Meng Leong, Eliver Lin

A Multigroup Analysis of Bidirectional Work-Family Enrichment on Family Satisfaction of Hospitality Employees during the Pandemic: Where Religiosity and Marital Status Matter

Kim-Lim Tan, Adriel K.S. Sim, Ivy S.H. Hii, Rita Pidani & Thomas Donohue

Knowledge “hiding and seeking” during the pandemic: who really wins in the new normal?

Kim-Lim Tan, Ivy S.H. Hii, Kevin Chuen-Kong Cheong

Students' choice of international branch campus in Malaysia: a gender comparative study

Adriel K.S. Sim, Kim-Lim Tan, Joseph Kee-Ming Sia, Ivy S.H. Hii

Catching a ride in the peer-to-peer economy: Tourists’ acceptance and use of ridesharing services before and during the COVID-19 pandemic

Karen Pei-Sze Tan, Yang Yang, Xiang (Robert) Li

2nd International Conference on Responsible Tourism and Hospitality (ICRTH) 2022, 1 – 3 September 2022, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

Yi Xuan Ong, Ivy S. H. Hii & Aaron Tham

The implementation of sister city agreement on tourism between the special region of Yogyakarta Indonesia and Kyoto Japan

Luna Tristofa, Aaron Tham

Mobile vs. PC: the device mode effects on tourism online survey response quality

Suiwen (Sharon) Zou, Karen P.S. Tan, Hongbo Liu, Xiang (Robert) Li & Ye Chen

Effect of different border migration patterns and factors related to malaria infection in Tanintharyi Region, Myanmar: A case-control study

Soe Lin Thu, Tepanata Pumpaibool

Antecedents and consequences of home-sharing stays: Evidence from a nationwide household tourism survey

Yang Yang, Karen Pei-SzeTan, Xiang (Robert) Li

Exploring the Determinants of Hotel Operating Performance Stabilization in Emerging Markets: Deciphering the Myth

Karen Pei-Sze Tan, Xiang (Robert) Li, Seoki Lee

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