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SEARA Program

About the program

Program objectives

Program period




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  1. To understand the importance of research and the relevant techniques to carry out research in a rigorous manner.

  2. To apply the knowledge and skills related to research methodology in their respective research projects.

  3. To evaluate real-world issues and situations in Southeast Asia (SEA) through different disciplines and perspectives to generate meaningful discussions and make informed decisions.

  4. To create values by learning mutually and through collective efforts in order to make a greater impact on one another and the community concerned.

Four batches each year and each batch will last for eight weeks (two months).

Postgraduate students and young researchers; academicians and practitioners who are citizens of Southeast Asia or residing in the region.

  1. Completion and submission of the registration form.

  2. Positive attitude and strong commitment to the program and the academy.

  1. A commitment fee of USD10 for employed/professional applicant and USD5 for students (mandatory) will be applicable to each new applicants if his or her application form is approved after evaluation.

  2. Once a new applicant completes the 2-month program, he or she will be invited to apply for a 2-year membership.

  1. Each registration form will be evaluated. Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed and successful candidates will be informed and announced as new members.

  2. There will be no quota on the number of applicants as long as they fulfill the eligibility and requirements stated above. Unsuccessful candidates can apply again for the next batch.

  3. Each member is expected to attend weekly sessions on Wednesday evenings. There will be other optional activities such as monthly online workshops during weekends or evening times at a different fee.

  4. Membership benefits include:

    1. Membership certificate and letter 

    2. Special rates for joining online workshops

    3. Opportunities to be appointed as team leaders/members

    4. Invitations to join projects or events associated to SEARA

    5. Invitations to join sessions to showcase your expertise and works

Previous speakers

Program testimonials


Haknoukrith Han


I found the program very beneficial not only to improve our research knowledge but also to assist novice researchers to conduct research with confidence.


Steffi Yap


As a Ph.D. candidate, I have benefited from the series of SEARA’s training programmes, discussions and most importantly, I have made wonderful new friends from Southeast Asia!


Khanh Diem Ngo


Since I joined SEARA, my spirit for doing research is being strengthened. I believe that SEARA is a community for supporting young researchers who really want to learn and earn knowledge effectively.

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