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Introductory Message

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Hiram Ting

Kuching, Malaysia

I once attended a chamber orchestra by invitation from my friend who was a musician playing one of the instruments. I was in awe of the performance, and the music produced by different groups of instruments was simply stunning. Whether they were playing violins, basses, cellos or oboes, they produced one piece of music in perfect harmony while maintaining their respective characteristics. I often use it as a metaphor to describe what SEARA is.  


SEARA is about creating a space for students, young academics and practitioners in Southeast Asia to network and learn from one another. With the slogan Research for Sustainable Impact, our vision is to transform research into practice via networking and collaborative learning. Although we are geographically apart and have diverse backgrounds, we stay connected using the present technology. Most importantly, trust, passion and dedication are what builds the bonding among us. Members are our greatest assets and our commitment to SEARA’s objectives are our common interest. As such SEARA is not about providing a series of webinars or an intensive program. Instead, it is about bringing different minds and resources together to build a connected community that will in turn make a positive impact on others. We still have a long way to go but I believe we have set off on the right foot.


I am thankful for the support rendered to us by many individuals and institutions. For example, Emerald Publishing (East Asia) and Research Synergy Foundation (based in Indonesia) have been with us since the beginning. If you wish to learn more about SEARA and be part of us, do visit this website and our social media for more updates. Stay healthy and safe. Thank you.


Hiram Ting 

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