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  • Can I join SEARA Network?
    Yes, if you meet the eligibity and requirements, you may join our growing network.
  • How can I join SEARA Network?
    SEARA opens registration and calls for recruitment quarterly. Researchers interested will have the opportunity to register during these periods. Unsuccessful applicants may try and register more than once.
  • Can I join if I'm not from Southeast Asia?
    You are still eligible to join our network if you are an international researcher studying or residing in any ASEAN country.
  • What do I get as a member of SEARA Network?
    Being a part of SEARA Network has its perks. With our growing members, you can expand your research circle and network with each other. SEARA harbors researchers from various multidisciplinary backgrounds.
  • I'm having trouble submitting my SEARA application
    May I suggest that you: Try refreshing the page and register again Ensure you have ticked the Terms and Conditions box Ensure you have verified you are not a robot by completing the puzzle If the problem persists and you are still unable to submit your application, please leave a reply below and I will assist you further the soonest. Note: we are currently closed for registration.
  • I'm interested in registering for The SEARA Program
    Thank you for your interest. Registration is currently closed. Please leave your details if you want to be notified when registration for new batch opens.
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