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Saviour or Stigmatized? A Malaysia Perspective on COVID-19 Frontliners


Rashid Ating


It has been ten months since the COVID-19 hit the world since the first case reported at Wuhan, China in early January this year. The pandemic is not even close to an end. With a second wave in some countries despite restrictions imposed, which further exposed them as either they are prepared or getting caught in other matters aside from containing the pandemic. It was evident from the protest in Indonesia regarding the new labour law (New York Times, 2020), while the neighbouring country, Malaysia, the political upheaval among politician continues even at this critical time. (TODAYonline, 2020). Regardless of status, the virus does not discriminate in infecting people, from top world leader to unemployed citizen that lives in the congested slums at the outskirts of the capital.

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