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What We Do





Each program will last for two months, consisting of weekly lecture, question and answer session and presentation.

The SEARA Program 

Find out more about our weekly lecture.


Each member will be in a group for doing assignment, discussion and preparing for presentation.


Members will be appointed as team members to assume specific responsibility and tasks. Every management team has their own tasks and agenda.They make sure to keep SEARA Network lively by organising and sharing engaging events and activities.


  1. Make links to meetings and post reminders

  2. Record weekly meetings, make discussion notes

  3. Email correspondence

  4. E-certificate provision of SEARA events

  5. Website creation

  6. Handle new batch registrations

  7. Attendance keeping of SEARA weekly sessions


  1. Determine program contents and speakers

  2. Prepare weekly materials (slides)

  3. Design group assignment

  4. Prepare session chair each week 

  5. Arrange additional session when necessary


  1. Identify partners and build network

  2. Share potential grant or project opportunity

  3. (Co)-organize events with SEARA teams or partners

  4. Engage with  communities


  1. Manage regular posting contents

  2. Manage social media platforms, including YouTube channel

  3. Design posters, such as member profile

  4. Live webinar & Q&A on Facebook 


  1. Provide publication advice and guidelines

  2. Share resources related to writing and publication

  3. Organize events related to writing and publication

  4. Arrange publication opportunities

  5. Start a new journal


  1. Promote youth related events such as RYL awards

  2. Organise events or program related to youth empowerment.

  3. Design programs to empower youth.

  4. Develop collaboration with other youth bodies.

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