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Muhammar Ashur


Muhammad Ashur graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Management Departement from the University of Hasanuddin, Indonesia. He also finished his Master in Marketing from University of Brawijaya, Indonesia.

His affiliation and experiences include:
University of Muslim Indonesia (UMI), Indonesia, Assistant Professor
Open University, Indonesia, Online Tutor

Editorial Team:
Asian Journal of Business Research (AJBR) by MAG Scholars (Scopus Q3)
Jurnal Manajemen Bisnis (National Accredited SINTA 3)

Journal of Islamic Marketing by Emerald (Scopus Q3) - Guest Reviewer
JIIES, University of Mercubuana
JBMI, Universitas of Hasanuddin
IJEBCE, STIE Surakarta

Organizational Experience:
SEC Team, Southeast Asia Research Academy (SEARA)
Member of Indonesia Scholar Economic Community (ISEI), Chapter Makassar
Member of International Council for Small Business (ICSB), Chapter Makassar
Member of Indonesia Management Forum (FMI), South Sulawesi Province

His research interests include: Marketing, Electronic Commerce, Social Commerce, Hospitality and Tourism, Method.

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