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Kim Lim Tan


Dr Kim Lim, TAN received his PhD at Curtin University Australia. He is currently the Assistant Professor with BNU-HKBU United International College. He concurrently holds appointments as a senior research fellow in Nanyang Technological University Singapore, as well as adjunct appointments at the University of Newcastle, Singapore and UCSI University, Malaysia.

Investigating the principles of human resource development and management, Dr Tan’s research interests lie primarily in contemporary issues such as on future of work, employee attitudes, and employee behaviors. He also investigates consumer behavior across different contexts such as technology adoption, hospitality, and panic buying behaviour. Dr. Tan publishes in different journals including the British Food Journal, European Business Review, and the Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics. He also sits on the academic board of ERC Institute Singapore, as well as on the editorial committee of the Asia Journal of Business Research, Journal of Global Responsibilities, and Journal of Responsible Tourism Management. At the same time, he is an accredited professional member of the Singapore Human Resource Institute and the Society of Industrial and Organisational Psychology.

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