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Chan Socheat


Socheat graduated with a Master of Engineering in Tourism Transportation Planning from Nagoya University, Japan. Previously, he graduated from Royal University of Phnom Penh, Cambodia with a Bachelor of Arts in Tourism Management.

His affiliation and experiences include:
Ministry of Tourism, Head of Tourism Investment Study and Statistics Office
GMS TIIG Phase II (ADB and MoT Project), Tourism Specialist
JICA Research Institute, Research Institute
GMS TIIG Phase I (ADB and MoT Project), Project Coordinator
Ministry of Tourism, Tourism Planner and Researcher
Cambodia Climate Change Alliance, National Consultant
Office of the Council of Ministers, Project Supporting Staff
National Commune League/Sangkat, Strategic Plan Consultant
Utrecht University, Research Assistant, Translator and Coordinator

His research interests include transportation planning, behavioral modeling, marketing, sustainability, tourism, tourism investment study and strategy and destination management organization (DMO)

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