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Antecedents and consequences of home-sharing stays: Evidence from a nationwide household tourism survey

Tourism Management, Volume 70, 2019, 15-28


Yang Yang, Karen Pei-SzeTan, Xiang (Robert) Li


This study aims to understand the demand for home-sharing lodging and whether this accommodation choice influences guest experiences, in terms of overall trip satisfaction and perceived value. Using a dataset from a large-scale nationwide household tourism survey, we adopted a two-step empirical analysis to investigate the antecedents and consequences of home-sharing stays. In the first step, results from logit models highlight various factors explaining the drivers behind choosing home-sharing lodging versus hotel lodging, such as tourists' tripographics, prior travel experiences, tech savviness, sociodemographics, destination home-sharing supply, and crime rate. In the second step, we employed propensity score matching to compare trip satisfaction and perceived value between home-sharing users and hotel users who were matched based on a similar propensity to choose home-sharing. Results suggest that while home-sharing users perceive a higher value for the trip, no significant difference exists between the two groups’ trip satisfaction. Lastly, practical implications are provided.

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