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A Multigroup Analysis of Bidirectional Work-Family Enrichment on Family Satisfaction of Hospitality Employees during the Pandemic: Where Religiosity and Marital Status Matter

The Journal of Psychology, Interdisciplinary and Applied, Volume 157, 2023 - Issue 1


Kim-Lim Tan, Adriel K.S. Sim, Ivy S.H. Hii, Rita Pidani & Thomas Donohue


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives. As many industries face a complete stand-still, it also highlights the need to maintain family satisfaction (FS) during this challenging time, empirical research on achieving this remains scant. This study elucidates how marital status influences employees’ religiosity, work-family enrichment (WFE) and FS. Data from 295 employees was examined using the analyzed using the partial least squares method structural equation modeling (PLS-SEM) multigroup analysis. Results suggest that religiosity has a positive significant relationship on the bidirectionality of WFE. The multigroup analysis indicates a significant difference in how single and married employees interpret work-family experience. We extend family-work interfaces by incorporating both the construct of marital status and religiosity. It advances the body of knowledge in understanding work-family interfaces, especially in times of the pandemic.

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