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A Mini-Review of Museum Literature and Museum Development in Southeast Asia

Journal of Responsible Tourism Management, 2(1), 79-95


Siew Siew Yong, Choi-Meng Leong, Lauannah Ebeo Maningo, Mia Bella R. Fresnido, Muhammad Ashoer


This study aims to provide a review of previously conducted research studies about museums and their recent development in Southeast Asia. The bibliometric analysis of Web of Science database revealed that the number of publications related to museum was in an increasing trend and majority of the studies focusing on museums are publications from and within the context of the People’s Republic of China. The visualization of similarities viewer software analysis showed that China is the most relevant keyword with the highest occurrence. It further revealed that museums are understudied in Southeast Asia. Basing on the number of museums and their cultural offerings in Southeast Asia, museum visitors are foreseen as a potential market for heritage tourism development. While the pandemic forced the closure of a number of museums globally, the industry rebounded quickly by establishing a digital presence, thereby offering new opportunities for those in the heritage tourism industry.

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