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Mentor-Mentee Program (M2P)

A SEARA-Publication Team Initiative

About the Program

Mentoring gives young investigators the opportunity to work closely with senior investigators in research areas of interest to both the mentor and mentee. The Mentor-Mentee Program (M2P) encourages SEARA participants to share their expertise and knowledge through mentoring.

The Publication Team help match those wishing to be a mentor with those wishing to secure a mentor.


Role of Mentee

The role of mentees in the mentoring relationship is important. The critical elements that mentees should bring to their mentor/mentee relationships are:

  1. The willingness to be mentored

  2. The desire to learn, and

  3. The demeanor that suggests receptivity to being directed and advised

In addition, mentees must also:

  • Project positive attitudes

  • Show an interest in the work to be done

  • Exhibit a willingness and desire of work hard

  • Be flexible, mature, committed and positive

  • Respect mentor’s personal time and space


Role of Mentor

The role of the mentor is to:

  1. Encourage mentees’ imagination and creativity.

  2. Encourage mentee to identify new research topics and discovery of new techniques.

  3. Develop their capacity for research.

  4. Provide constructive feedback on all aspects of research process.

A mentor is NOT someone who:

  • Decides your research ideas

  • Writes a section of the manuscript

  • Does statistics computation

  • Collects data



1. How do I indicate interest for this M2P?

You can indicate interest by completing the online google form provided by the Publication Team.

2. Do I get to choose my mentor?

No, you do not get to choose who will be your mentor. The Publication Team would assign the best-fit mentor based on the load as well as the research interest. A maximum of TWO (2) mentees will be allocated to each mentor.

3. How long will the mentorship period last?

The mentorship period will last for FOUR (4) months. Hence, it is up to the mentee’s initiative to engage the mentor as much as possible. Any extension would be a mutual agreement between the mentee and mentor. However, please respect mentor’s personal time and space.

4. I do not have any research idea or paper, can I join M2P?

Yes. In the google form, you need to provide the area that you need mentor’s help. For example, research idea, writing, method questions, results, etc. These would help us to identify the right mentor to help you.

5. Do I have to give any tokens of appreciation to the mentor?

Technically no, as all mentors are on a volunteer basis. However, we would encourage mentees to give small tokens to appreciate mentors’ time and effort.

6. Is it a must to include mentor as a co-author?

Not necessary. This would be subject to your mutual agreement with the mentor.


Additional information

Extended dateline: 9th March 2022, 11pm GMT

If you have other queries, please reach out to the Publication Team.

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