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The SEARA Program: Batch 8 announcement

SEARA Secretariat

19 Jan 2023

Since the launch of our website, we've received several interested applicants to join The SEARA Program. If you are interested and if you haven't, do sign up for the program updates on our website and you will be notified when registration opens.

Here are the important dates for the upcoming Batch 8:

Registration period: 25 January - 8 February 2023

Announcement of new members: 15 February 2023

Orientation: 22 February 2023

Commencement of Batch 8: 1 March 2023

For more details on The SEARA Program, please head over to the page on our website. As we are also currently revising our program structure, please check for the latest updates on our website from time to time.

For further inquiries, please contact us through the chat feature below, or on our social media pages, or email us at

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