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The SEARA Program: Batch 5

SEARA Secretariat

10 Feb 2022

The SEARA Program Batch 5 has kickstarted with an orientation session last Wednesday night. It was an extraordinary and warm get-to-know meeting for enthusiastic new and existing members of SEARA.

One of the agendas was introductory presentations from each management team of SEARA, including a newly formed team - the Community Team! Although the Community Team has always been inside SEARA, nested under the Collaboration Team, it was decided only early this month for the Community Team to be an independent team of their own. The introductory presentations aimed to enlighten new members about the functioning and objectives of SEARA. This presentation also highlighted the collective teamwork and virtual presence by different members of its various groups.

The orientation concluded with an obligatory photo session and excitement for the first lecture next week! Grand spectacles of the speakers and mentors will be symbolically imparting the light of knowledge and research orientation to the members through future consecutive sessions every Wednesday.

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