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Seyha Kun


- Master of Educational Planning and Management, International Institute for Educational Planning, France ; Master of Business Administration, University of Management and Economics, Cambodia
- Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in English, Phnom Penh International University, Cambodia - Bachelor’s Degree of Business Administration in Accounting and Finance, Institute for Business Education, Phnom Penh, Cambodia - Bachelor + 1 (Certificate of Teacher with Higher Education Degree in English-Educatiional Psychology, National Institute of Education, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Affiliation and experiences:
- Starting a career in the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MoEYS) as teacher of English at his hometown high school in 2007.
- Has been a part-time lecturer on English literature and Business English Course at University of Management and Economics (UME),
- Part-time teacher of English to private schools in Phnom Penh,
- Late 2015, he moved to work for the Department of Planning.
Currently, Head of Aid Coordination Office, Department of Planning (DoP), Directorate General of Policy and Planning (DGPP), Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MoEYS).

Research interests:
Education - Research - Management - Sustainability

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