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Cybill Ann Ramirez


Cybill Ann Ramirez is currently affiliated with Colegio de Santa Rita de San Carlos Inc., working as the Program Head of the College of Business Administration and Management. She has been a research teacher for six years, and it is her passion to inspire minds since her former teachers also inspired her to become a teacher rather than work in the industry. So now, she finds working in academia very challenging but, at the same time, very fulfilling.

She finished her Bachelor's degree in Hospitality Management last 2017 with Academic Distinction. Furthermore, she earned a Master's degree in Business Administration, significant in Hotel and Tourism Management, in the previous year, 2021. That same year she also passed the Certified Guest Service Professional training and exam at American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute and Asia World Hospitality, earning her the CGSP title.

This year she is enrolled in the Doctor of Management Program majoring in Business Administration and hopefully will start her dissertation writing next year. She is still a budding researcher since she only published two papers last year in the Philippine Social Science Journal. In addition, she was one of the researchers recognized as the best oral research presenter during the 2nd Asian Virtual Multidisciplinary Research Conference last year. Currently, she is working on sustainable tourism development with her students to finish their undergraduate thesis in the city.

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