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Nurul Atiqah Adanan


Atiqah Adanan's previous alma mater is Shandong University, and she graduated with a master's degree in international relations, particularly in China – ASEAN relations.

Currently, she works as Assistant Statistician at the Department of Statistics Langkawi. Under this position, she handles data collection for various censuses and surveys. As a future researcher, working as an assistant statistician enhances her research skills. In this position, her skills in observing, estimating, predicting, and making suggestions made her love for research grow more. She also learns how metadata management in statistics works, far from her university major.

Collecting data is such a fascinating job due to the rising scammer issue in Malaysia. Hence, her communication skills were tested, and she managed to collect data accordingly. For years in this position, she worked with other government agencies and private companies to create awareness of housing and population census among white-collar workers. Collaboration with these government agencies helps them from receiving penalties, especially government workers. Apart from a corporate job, Atiqah did a part-time job as a survey enumerator for ASEAN Foundation, where the research emphasized youth skills in ASEAN during the pandemic period. With this experience and confidence in applying data in research, she is planning to pursue a Ph.D.

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