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Tourism with and by Indigenous and ethnic communities in the Asia Pacific region: A bricolage of people, places and partnerships.

Journal of Heritage Tourism, 15:3, 243-248


Aaron Tham, Lisa Ruhanen & Maria Raciti


Extant literature has emerged to shed light on Indigenous tourism peoples, places and partnerships. These studies to date have uncovered a rich diversity of contexts and collaborations, but likewise raise the challenges and complexities of working with stakeholder groups that feature diverse, and sometimes divergent interests. However, it has been acknowledged that studies in and about Indigenous tourism have been conducted from an ‘etic’ perspective. In other words, Indigenous tourism is often objectified, and appropriated through the lens of Western-centric paradigms. In addition, there remains scarce knowledge as to the bricolage of Indigenous tourism experiences from and by ethnic communities in the Asia Pacific region. This paper presents a review of new scholarly work that have advanced new insights to this body of work, and chart future avenues for communities of practice in the field.

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