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Influence of Knowledge, Attitude and Experience towards Biodiversity Conservation: Case Study of Bako National Park, Sarawak, Malaysia

The Malaysian Forester, Volume 84, No. 2 (2021)


Mohamad Syahrul Nizam, I., Mohamad Ibrani Shahrimin, A.A, Shazali, J., Syarifah Kamariah, W.M and Suziana, H.


Bako National Park (BNP) is a protected area that supports a

conservation-themed interpretation that seeks to surge public awareness on

conservation of natural resources, encourage them to join with the conservation

efforts, and develop an ecocentric attitude. However, it is unclear to what extent

they are aware of the principal objective of establishing BNP that has been

gazetted as one of Malaysia's national parks. The study focuses on the

feasibility and approach to examine the level of knowledge, attitude, and

experience towards biodiversity conservation among the local community and

visitors in BNP. The validated questionnaires were distributed to 40

respondents, comprised of local community and visitors in BNP by simple

random sampling. The local community have a higher level of attitude towards

biodiversity conservation than visitors. It was found that the knowledge

(α=0.82), attitude (α=0.66), and experience (α=0.74) constructs have achieved

the minimum acceptable reliability coefficient in this study. Even though this

study provides good reliable data, it still possesses a weak correlation between

constructs due to its small sample size. It has several limitations and suggestions

that need to be considered for the improvement of future studies. Thus, it is

recommended to extend for a large scale of data collection to elucidate the

current phenomena with significant correlation value.

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