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A systematic literature review on coffee and tea tourism


Shu-Hsiang Chen, Jiaolian Huang, Aaron Tham


Purpose The purpose of this paper is to propose a rigorous methodology to undertake systematic literature reviews for coffee and tea tourism, thereby providing prospects and challenges of developing these niche markets for destinations.

Design/methodology/approach The approach taken in this research is via a systematic literature review on past studies conducted in English related to coffee and tea tourism. In total, 30 articles related to coffee tourism and 33 papers on tea tourism were analysed.

Findings The research revealed that studies to date are largely fragmented, often using the lens of a coffee or tea tourism context or the perspectives of a single stakeholder such as consumers or producers. Few studies have attempted to undertake interdisciplinary frameworks to study coffee or tea tourism, which this research then documents as future avenues of investigation.

Research limitations/implications This study is conducted through the analysis of secondary data published academic material related to coffee and tea tourism in English and would have omitted other relevant resources that have been documented in the realm of other languages. Empirical, quantitative studies conducted based on this systematic literature review can also validate some of the key arguments central to this qualitative piece of work.

Practical implications The research synthesises academic literature to date, providing a succinct overview of what is known about coffee and tea tourism based on the dominant themes and frameworks, thereby increasing practical knowledge and awareness of best practices in the field.

Originality/value This paper contributes to uncovering the scope of coffee and tea tourism literature to date.

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