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Heizlyn Amyneina


Currently doing her Master's in Economics at Universiti Putra Malaysia and at the same time is an Economist at EIS-UPMCS Centre for Future Labour Market Studies (EU-ERA). She was a research assistant at the Institute of Agricultural and Food Policy Studies (IKDPM) and was a finance intern at QL Resources Berhad.

She is currently undertaking research on applied labor market analysis, particularly on the impacts of the loss of employment during COVID-19 on the economy. Previously, she contributed to a research project for EU-ERA on the development of leading indicators for the unemployment rates and the establishment of national first skills and occupational taxonomy, MSOC. Besides conducting research, she is also a part of the committee for the establishment of the Academy in Factory (AiF) initiated by the Malaysia Productivity Corporation.

Heizlyn Amyneina
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